How to Build Website to Generate Leads?

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There are many companies like Edmonton Search Engine Optimization which employ different marketing strategies to generate leads. The leads you generate is highly dependent on the quality of the website. For building a website which is successful in generating leads, you are required to go through the examples set forth by other websites which have succeeded in dealing lead generation effectively and learn from their experience.

While most of the businesses are keen on just getting a website up and functional, only a small percentage of business owners actually take time to build a solid foundation with respect to the marketing strategies. In fact, you would require the right kind of infrastructure to promote your website in such a way as to easily capture the attention of the new customers.

Here are some tips which have already proved successful in generating leads when implemented and also helped to improve the conversion rates.

1. Including a Contact Number

Though providing a contact number on your site may appear counterintuitive particularly when you are promoting a digital product, doing so helps to increase the trust of the customers and provides an angle of credibility to what product you offer. Even though the customers do not attempt to make a call, if they see a contact number on the site, it gives them comfort to some extent.

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2. Posting Forms on Each Page

If you are able to access the lead generation form easily, it will help to increase the number of sustainable leads to your site. In fact, if the users are asked to provide less information in the initial stages of filling up the form, the chances are likely that people are more than willing to offer their personal details.

3. Adding Testimonials and Rich Media for the Sake of Credibility

The testimonials are considered as a necessary tool for marketing purposes. Along with this if you add photos and include items of rich media like audio and videos, it can have more of an impact on the users. While the different versions of rich media may be heavy in terms of bandwidth as far as the lead generation sites are concerned, solid testimonials offer a strong support for your product offerings.

4. Making your Videos Speak to the Prospective Customers

The online videos act as a bridge between offline and online marketing and also for improving the conversion rates for different types of industries, and e-commerce sites in particular. In fact, the highly performing videos speak to the prospective customers and when they view a video related to the product, they are more likely to improve the conversion rates than those who simply watch an ad. Further, product videos make the user feel more informed and confident so as to buy the product.

5. Using Trust Seals and Ensuring that they are more than the Visual Appearance

A majority of the trust seal providers put forth the claim that including a trust seal on your site can boost the conversion rates. However, it is quite hard to achieve the real statistics with this aspect. For this reason, instead of merely adding a seal for the sake of visual security, it is advisable to choose one which also offers a guarantee to the customers.

6. Using Power Words while Providing Details about the Offer

Some of the strong action verbs like "feel", "get", "have", etc. are very good at compelling users owing to the active voice used in it, unlike the words like "imagine feeling", "imagine having", and so on. In other words, if you use action-packed words in your offer, it will place the customer at the receiving end rather than just making him imagine as having received the benefits of the offer.


7. Avoiding "Cookie Cutter" Templates for Websites

When dealing with lead generation which imparts high quality, it is better to avoid cookie cutter templates for websites like "all-of-the-work-has-been-done-for-you." Instead, invest only in the website which is affordable for you and ensure that you make the purpose of the page clear so that the web designer can incorporate this to generate leads rather than focusing upon only on the visual appearance. Further, if you have a well-designed website, it also helps to increase trust as well as confidence levels of the customers when they shop online.

8. Considering the End Goal First

When you consider the lead generation goals, it is advisable to begin with keeping the end goal or the final outcome in mind. You can also think of questions like "What does a "lead" imply when your business is considered"? If you are able to find out an answer for this you will be successful in moving ahead with your analytics and testing goals more clearly. Further, it will also help you to get an idea about what type of actions do you expect from the users when they make a progressive move through each phase of the sales funnel. It is important to define the starting point clearly by finding out answers for questions like "Can someone who fills a form be considered as a lead?" or "Can someone who signs up for a particular newsletter or requests a call back be treated as a lead?" The answers for these questions help you to adjust the conversion goals in a suitable manner.

9. Utilizing the White Space Efficiently

The "white space" which is also termed as "negative space" is a factor of less importance as far as web designing is concerned, but it can create a greater impact in terms of generating leads. Instead of trying to fill out each empty space on a particular page, it is better to give some comfortable space for your photos, content, and call-to-action buttons. In fact, you do not have to include something just for the sake of filling the empty space because this may distract your potential customers, thus reducing the conversion rates.

10. Testing and Finding Out What Works for You

The tips mentioned above need to be tested thoroughly to get an idea about what works best for your particular situation. In fact, it is quite important to pay keen attention to the metrics because you may not know which factor helps you in generating leads.

To sum it up, once your site becomes fully operational, you would have to focus upon the marketing section which necessarily requires continuous tweaks as well as updates to make sure that it is appealing to the intended audience. Further, a refresh of marketing offers or web content on a periodic basis would certainly convert the visitors into potential customers. The only important thing to remember here is to be double sure about what you want to achieve out of your site.

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