What is Inbound Marketing?

In this Internet era, we can find a number of companies like Edmonton Search Engine Optimization offering services like inbound marketing.Inbound marketing is defined as a particular kind of marketing approach which focuses on attracting potential customers by means of content marketing, search engine & social media. In this kind of marketing, the prospective customers locate you through different channels including search engines, blogs, social media, and the like. In fact, inbound marketing helps to attract genuine customers and also offers support in building trust as far as your business is concerned by developing content which helps in addressing the issues of the consumers.

Different Strategies of Inbound Marketing

In general terms, inbound strategies are not that expensive, and they also offer quite a number of benefits. In fact, they help to generate a great return rate in the long run. Some of the popular strategies concerned with inbound marketing are listed below:

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On-site Content Marketing

This strategy is beneficial in several ways. Updating your website with new content on a regular basis helps to generate interest in new readers as well as keep the already existing ones engaged, which in turn results in retention of clients. For this purpose, it is quite important for you to provide high-quality, original, and informative content. Further, this type of content marketing also helps in syndication of content ('content syndication' involves posting your content including blogs, videos, etc., into third-party websites either as a snippet, a full article, a link, or a thumbnail) in social media as well as email marketing initiatives which helps to boost the rankings of your website in the search engine results pages.

Off-site Content Marketing

This kind of marketing also functions just in the same way as on-site content marketing in that, here also you are expected to provide targeted and well-written content. However, instead of posting this content on your website, you would have to post it on a different site which can be a leading media publication website.

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The benefits of this marketing strategy is that it helps you to attain more visibility with respect to new customers who may otherwise not have known about you. Further, you can also gain referral traffic and also expect a steep increase in the reputation of your brand when you present your content at bigger, well-known publishing sites.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Both the on-site and off-site content marketing approaches allows you to obtain more search visibility. In fact, on-site content marketing helps to generate inbound links and off-site content marketing helps to build direct links to your website. The higher the quality of the inbound links contained in a website, the higher the possibility of it getting ranked in the search engine results list.

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However, there are also other SEO components which are to be incorporated in order to maximize the inbound traffic from the search engines. These elements include mobile device optimization, site speed improvement, and focusing on the strategic, industry-specific keyword phrases. Though it is a time consuming affair, the benefits it reap are worth it.

Social Media Marketing

This is considered as one of the most effective strategies for gaining more visibility or rather, new visibility. By means of social media, you can have interactions with almost anyone across the world, who gradually gets converted as a loyal customer, provided you give valuable content and insights on a frequent basis. If the content syndication process is set on with respect to on-site and off-site content, it provides a solid reason for the audience to stick on further. In fact, social media on its own can bring about a steady traffic to your website and also helps in promoting your brand. However, the actual strength of social media could be understood from the fact that it augments the effects of other strategies of inbound marketing.

Influencer Marketing

This concept is comparatively simple, but in practical terms, it is quite difficult. It is all about focusing on the “influencers” which are related to your industry like thought leaders, powerful and influential people who are movers or shakers of their respective niche, etc. By working in collaboration with these people on joint content-based projects or even exchanging your views with them on the social media, you would be able to influence a majority of your audience for mutual benefits and in turn build a good reputation. The most difficult part in this methodology is recognizing the influencers are most likely to benefit from your brand and compel them to take part actively in your marketing campaigns.

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