What is Inbound Marketing?

The company Edmonton Search Engine Optimization is quite popular for the reason that it offers inbound marketing services of excellent quality for the customers. Inbound marketing is a strategy used to draw the attention of the customers to products as well as services through various techniques like content marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, webinars, and many more. In fact, it helps to improve the user experience and also to establish trust by offering relevant information to the potential customers.

The inbound marketing cycle comprises of three steps such as "get found", convert, and analyze. In the initial step, the focus is upon making a particular company's content visible to the right kind of audience at the right moment. This is in fact a lengthy process and includes extensive research and content planning. In the second step, the followers get converted into prospective leads. Though it is easier said than done, it is a time-consuming process. In the third step, the company carries out an analysis of the available data to get a basic idea about what it has to improve in order to emerge successful.

Different Methods of Inbound Marketing

The process of inbound marketing requires several tools which help to make the brand visible and provide an awareness of the same. Some of the popular methods are discussed here:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

SEO is a particular kind of strategy employed to improve the visibility of a certain site or web page by organizing it in such a way as to rank on top of the search engine results page. In fact, it is a tactic which takes into consideration about how the search engines function and also the searching pattern of the people. If you have a website of superb quality and content which is optimized for SEO purposes, you can be double sure that the search engine crawlers would identify and index the content of that site and get it displayed for the users. In fact, SEO is a critical aspect of your inbound strategy because if you stay invisible before those who search, then you are bound to fail in marketing your brand. While optimizing for SEO, it is imperative that focus should be placed on the relevant keywords and utilizing them in the best possible manner.

Pay-per-click (PPC)

Paid search also can be considered as part of the inbound marketing strategy because the search ads get displayed when a user does a search. Here, though PPC ads do not interrupt any other activity, all aspects concerned with PPC do not qualify to be an inbound marketing strategy like display ads. However, ads which appear on the search network are definitely stronger elements of a perfect inbound marketing tactic. In fact, both SEO and PPC efforts should be combined to get the best results. This is because using SEO you cannot control anything related to your website's appearance on the search results page whereas, with paid search you can pay and get placed at the top of the results listed on the search engine.

Inbound marketing service

Content Marketing

Content is a critical component of inbound marketing strategy. If your site does not have updated and informative content, you cannot maintain or convert your prospective leads. Further, your content should have a multipurpose and also should help the audience to solve an issue or answer a question. The main key to content marketing is that your content should be of high quality. In fact, the content provided should entertain, inspire, and educate the targeted audience. Creating a blog is the best way to promote a product because it helps you to attract new visitors, gain the goodwill of returning visitors, and convince the prospective leads to make a purchase. For content marketing purposes, you can also create e-books, guides, and other types of content which is downloadable. This helps you in engaging your leads through long-form content where you can market your products or services.

Social Media

After creating content which stands out, you need to share and promote it on the social media and ensure that it reaches the right kind of audience. It is rather a strenuous task to determine which kind of social platform including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. would suit best for your purpose. However, working hard on this aspect would definitely pay off.

Landing Pages

A landing page is where the leads arrive after they click on a particular call-to-action (CTA), which is again a crucial element of the inbound marketing technique. Regardless of whether it is a product page or a subscription service page, it is required to make sure that the landing page is of good quality to attract potential leads. Also, it is important to take into consideration that whether landing page is relevant to the call-to-action. Every landing page should have a specific purpose as well. Further, ensure that the CTA is large and also placed above the fold, and images or videos or trust signals could be included to increase the conversion rates.

Advantages of Inbound Marketing over Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing includes conventional marketing channels like television or radio channels, direct mail, cold calls, print advertisements, etc. This is also referred to as interruption marketing because it intrudes in the client's activities without seeking permission. According to various studies, content marketing drives around three times more leads when compared to outbound marketing and it is quite cost-efficient as well. Further, as per the opinion of many experts, inbound marketing efforts attract a higher Return On Investment compared to outbound marketing initiatives, and holds good for companies regardless of their size or budget. Moreover, inbound marketing attains success because it acts according to the permission-based pattern unlike outbound marketing. Inbound marketing also offers content of high value which attracts the target audience.

In short, the debate is still on about the pros and cons of both inbound and outbound marketing strategies and the answer solely depends on one's own perspective.

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