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Many leading firms like Edmonton Search Engine Optimization provides website designing services for the purpose of generating leads. Your website is regarded as a crucial tool for converting the prospective leads into customers. There are many essential elements required for a website to get optimized for lead generation. The tips provided below helps you in a great way, regardless of whether you own a start-up business and want to generate leads from the very scratch or a well-known brand searching out options to maximize the conversion rates.

1. Lead Conversion Forms

Forms are part and parcel of any effort focused upon generating leads with respect to a particular business. Without it, you would not be able to obtain contact details from the site visitors who are willing to offer it. This aspect is really important in that when somebody is ready to part with their personal details voluntarily, it shows that they are genuinely interested in your products, services, or the business as a whole. Further, these leads are considered valuable because chances are likely that they get converted to customers in the near future.

Embedding the forms concerned with lead generation helps the users to transform into leads in an easy manner. There are many form-embedding tools available today like Google Forms, JetPack, etc. Though the landing pages are the perfect place to incorporate lead generation forms, you can place it anywhere on the site.

2. Tool for Scraping Forms

After you create and embed your forms, you will require a tool which scrapes the forms. This process helps to record the submission of the forms automatically on your site and then add them to your database which deals with contacts. By gathering the information of the leads in a particular place, it would be easy to do the follow up with these leads.

3. Calls-to-Action on Each Page

When people visit a certain site, they normally perform certain type of action. In some cases, they might be aware of what action to carry out like viewing details about a certain product, making a purchase, etc. However, in many other cases, the users do not have an idea about what action to perform rather than to browse or do some research. In this situation, CTAs or Calls-to-Action guide the users to do research or buy some product. Moreover, your website focuses on encouraging the visitors to explore the site much deeper and here also you can seek the help of CTAs to avoid their confusion.

Though you can have several CTAs which functions differently in each stage of the sales funnel, it is quite important to include a primary CTA which should be placed above the fold of the concerned website pages to compel the users to do what you intend them to. Some of the CTA examples are "Schedule a Demo", "Free Trial", "Buy Now", etc.

4. Landing Pages

Landing pages are quite essential as far as lead generation is concerned which is the reason why it should be given top priority in any type of marketing campaigns. In fact, the more the number of landing pages you are able to create, the greater the opportunities you receive to convert the site visitors into potential leads.

There are quite a number of elements which are essential for a high quality landing page like navigation, form length, design, social proof, share buttons, etc.

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5. Intuitive Design and Well-organized CTA

The main aim of your website is to encourage the visitors to perform actions which you wanted them to. The conversion efforts would be much fruitful if the website assets are easy to locate. You are required to plan carefully on how well you can make use of the layout, whitespace, CTA placement, fonts, colors, etc. to establish a long-term connection with the users. More importantly, it is wise to lay focus on designing the home page tastefully and well-equipped in order to generate prospective leads. For example, as per a study conducted on eye tracking, a user's eye path begins from the top left-hand corner of a site and moves from there following an F pattern. To make the most out of this pattern, it would be better to place the important calls-to-action within the same.

6. A Well-written Blog

If you do not possess a business blog already, then you are losing out on considerable traffic to your site as well as a strong lead-generating mechanism. There are quite a number of benefits related to business offered by blogging such as helping to drive traffic and converting this to leads for the business in question.

7. Making the Site Responsive

Keeping in pace with today's mobile-dominated world, it is quite necessary to make your site mobile friendly. In fact, a majority of the people use mobile devices to access a particular site. Moreover, a mobile-friendly site ranks better in search engine results list than that which is not.

To sum it up, the tips discussed above help you to make the site optimized for generating important leads.

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